Achieved projects



Here is a selection of a few projects I have developped or leaded since I have been working at CLARTE:

Pit Stop Simulator

Replace the wheel of a virtual Formula 1. Full 3D immersion provided through a CAVE-like display (SASCube from CLARTE), augmented with string-based haptic system INCA from Haption for force-feedback (contact between screwgun and wheel and dynamic torques).

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Virtools Mediacenter

Homemade mediacenter interface. Featuring a 3D Cover Flow style display, as well as movies, DVD, Cartoons and Music modules.

Download video [10.9 Mb]

Atrium Experience

Atrium Experience is an immersive First Person Shoot. It was developped using Virtools VRPack and runs in a CAVE-like display (SASCube from CLARTE).

Download video [29.2 Mb]


This project is a 3D painting application with force-feedback. It runs on both PHANToM Premium and Omni series from SensAble Technologies. Haptic rendering is achieved through a home-made engine, and graphic rendering is built on Virtools. HapticPainting was developped to demonstrate the benefits of the "Bubble Technique".


HapticFishing is a fishing video game. A fishing rod is simulated with a force-feedback device (PHANToM Premium 1.0) to reproduce exciting fishing feelings: weight of the fish-hook (with or without a fish !), different behaviours in the air or in the water, fishes trying to escape when trapped... Just as if a real rod was linked to the virtual hook via an invisible link. It is even possible to feel the fish wriggling at the end of the line! HapticFishing was presented at Laval Virtual 2004.

Download video [9.1 Mb]


This application was developed "just for fun" :-) It simply makes a PHANToM force-feedback device dancing on a song. Enjoy the video!

Download video1 [19 Mb]
Download video2 [9.9 Mb]

S3 Concept

A novel concept-car is presented here in a virtual show-room. Motion all around or inside the car is possible, as well as changing the colors, opening the doors,... This application intially runs on a single PC, but was also adapted to run on a PC-cluster to allow the display on an immersive environment (Reality Center, managed by CLARTE).

Noe Land

Noe Land is a virtual world inspired by a video game concept designed by Matthias Pluquet. To enhance the feeling of immersion in Noe Land, the graphic rendering is distributed on a cluster of 6 PCs and displayed on a large curved-screen through 3 projectors (Reality Center).


The aim of this project was to investigate methods for deforming 3D models with the PHANToM haptic device. A first test consisted in deforming an elastic plane and observe the differences between different methods. The next two tests consisted in deforming a 3D model imported from a VRML file with, first, a geometric deformation model, and then, a physical deformation model. The visual geometric deformation was based on tri-linear interpolation of the vertices heights along their normals. In this case, the haptic feedback was acctullay provided by "pseudo-haptic" feedback since the model was not effectively deformed. The visual deformation robustly completely fooled the haptic sense. The physical deformation was based on a mass-spring model, whose principle is to consider the vertices of the 3D model as particles and link them with virtual springs. A dynamic simulation is then continuously run to update the position of every vertex. This model is very easy and fast to implement, but usually requires fine tuning to get a stable and accurate simulation.

Download video1 [1.74 Mb]
Download video2 [3.68 Mb]


Here is reproduced a virtual version of the Pascaline, an ancient computing machine designed by Blaise Pascal in 1642. This project was achieved during my engineering school final year project. In addition to the visual feedback, the virtual experience is enhanced with the use of haptic feedback. The user thus gets the impression he can touch what he sees on the computer screen and manipulate the virtual mechanism, just as he would do with the original one. The force-feedback device used here is a PHANToM Premium 3.0.

Download video1 [3.36 Mb]
Download video2 [8.04 Mb]